Thursday, September 23, 2010

raya with Peers Club

we are going to celebrate raya with Peers member Club and orphan..
we are not too late right???hehe...
celebrate raya with orphan give us new experience and enjoy with them..
we feel like lucky and grateful because compare to them we still can feel parent`s love and celebrate raya with them..
sharing our happiness with them is our purpose..
we don`t want them to feel lonely and empty when hari raya..
we prepared a lot of foods such as satay, rendang, lemang etc.
beside that, we also sharing some knowledge and experience for them to be more matured and care about their future..
although we feel a little bit sad about their fate, we try our best to not to show our sadness..
they are good kids which have a bright future..
so, we don`t want them to think that their fate is an obstacle for them to success..
we celebrate hari raya with them is one way to show our intention..
hope they understand..=)