Thursday, September 23, 2010

Personal Care | Wanisa

Nowdays , 80% from women in the world get cervical cancer because of lack of attention on the uses of sanitary napkins . No wonder if this cancer attack unmarried women . So that , here we provide the special sanitary napkin for our customers.

Wanisa - the best protection during the time of month !!!!

"WANISA sanitary product range is a revolutionary breakthrough that caters all your needs, whether during menstruation or non-menstrual days. With 6 layers of excellent quality protection, it lets you take control even during the most dreadful day. Its cutting is designed to fit the silhouette of your body and also to provide great anti-leakage protection. Its unique strikethrough features with multiple absorbent layers is the 'savior' during your heavy days. Both of the adhesive wings (only for Day & Night) and strong self-adhesive tape will hug the curvature of your panty and hold the WANISA SANITARY NAPKIN in place.

With the advanced multi-action bio-protectant strip!

More than that, it is the Multi-Action Bio-Protectant Strip that gives you more defining benefits than just sufficient protection and care. The Multi-Action Bio-Protectant Strip is impregnated with advanced Bio-Ceramic powder to emit beneficial far infrared rays (FIR) and negative ions for health-enhancing benefits. The unique strip also impregnated with the Nano Silver Anti-Bacterial agent that is effective in inhibiting microbial growth to ward off infections, inflammation, itchiness and foul odour associated with menstrual period.

Available in three types of packaging - day, night and panty liner!

WANISA SANITARY NAPKIN range comes in 3 convenient packaging to help you get through your menstrual flow days: 'Day' for your regular days, 'Night' for your heavy flow days and overnights, and 'Panty Liner' for your light flow fays or any day at all. Feel the ultimate freshness and comfort, get the maximum feminine hygiene protection and free yourself from your monthly blues! Be transformed into a confident and self-assured woman! Be one of the women in control!"