Thursday, September 30, 2010

malaysia has been the destination for tourists around the world for decades.
tourism malaysia is organizing a campaign visit malaysia year 2007 and the initial response has been so overwhelming the government is targeting billions of dollar in this industries and lets together making this happen and a memorables CUTI-CUTI MALAYSIA year. Tourism malaysia is also organizing other events like EYE ON MALAYSIA and COLOUR OF MALAYSIA in 2007.

eye on malaysia

Now we want to tell about the famous and interesting place that receives many visitors.


Langkawi's name is believed to have origenated from the abundance of eagles on the island and the geologycal wonder of its landscape.By putting together
helang" (eagle in malay) and `kawi'( mables in sanskrit ), you get the moniker "helang -kawi" which was eventually toned down to LANGKAWI.

okay ... for more information about langkawi, u can click to this link .