Thursday, August 12, 2010

have fun !

Hi there !!
How are you ?
Hopefully you are in the good condition yah ....
Okay . Today let we share one of the activity that Uitm Jengka Pahang held in this semester .

... FEST1MA ...

Here we provide some pictures at FEST1MA

Cooking Demonstration on the FES1MA Day

Take an opportunities to cook on the cooking demonstration .

Interesting right????

Actually there are so many activities that held by UiTM Pahang

to all of student and not to forget to people around us..

but we are interested to share with you all

about the biggest activities at UiTM

which is FEST1MA.

This type of Carnival are expose to all of you about the foods

that we have in MALAYSIA..

This Carnival are actually to introducing a lot of food

from all races in Malaysia.

from traditional to modern.

I wish All of you could be there when this programme is held

because we want to share our memories with all of you..

Involved in UiTM activities is on of the best things

for students life like us..

Sharing this with all of you is one things that make we are satisfied..

Enjoy yourself with our interesting story..