Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Walk to Remember

" UITM JENGKA ?? HAHAHAHA ... " *people perception

Why people always have a bad perception about Uitm JENGKA ... Is it because Uitm Jengka in the middle of jungle ?? boring ?? nothing special about this place ?? no deveplopment ?? BUT NOT FOR US !!!!

Whatever people said about Uitm Jengka , it doesn't give any impact for us because WE LOVE UITM JENGKA DAMN MUCH ... To us Uitm Jengka is the place where we can study in a peaceful condition . Not too crowded like other university at city . We are totally satisfied with our lecturers because we can get their cooperation without any problem . They also friendly with their students .

People who not study at Uitm Jengka never know about the uniqueness of this KAMPUS KHAZANAH ALAM . But we know about it . while we on part 3 , some of our friends get an opportunities to further their study at degree level . So they have to transfer to others campus . While they at other campus , they always give us a calls and tell us that they miss Uitm Jengka so much and realize that their moment at this campus unforgetable .

( Don't judge a book by its cover )

Here we left some pictures of UITM JENGKA . Don't be jealous ok !! Hehe ..

Administration building

View from top . Nice haa .. Mai mai la ..

Map to Uitm Jengka

For more information about Uitm Jengka , just click here ..
Have fun for reading this entry !!!!